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Fall of 2015, we inherited the project of reviving the Miller-Burden V16 Pleasure Line Car back into existence. Blessed with such a wonderful opportunity, we immediately went to work. Thousands of hours of research alone have already went into this project, as we aim to maintain the original vision Miller sought for the masterpiece. As fate would have it, Harry A Miller filled for bankruptcy and the project was left in the hands of Fred Offenhauser and his accompanying team to finish this beautiful street coach. However, since the build had already racked up quite the bill in the hands of Harry Miller, the car was finished in an all black color scheme (pictured in the following photos), away from the intended dark-colored body, chrome finished frame and polished drive train appearance. 

Fast forward to the Summer of 2019, EDL Services LLC received the opportunity to retain the rights for Harry A. Miller, Inc. (now operating as Harry A. Miller, LLC) and thus began the resurrection of Miller's namesake brand. With this, we aim to pursue the same passion and ingenuity that drove Miller to his incredible creations for the automotive world. 


We are currently in development and production of genuine, full spec replacement Miller parts, cast from some of the original wooden patterns Miller used in the 1920s and 1930s, and built to the original specs laid out by hand from Harry Miller's top notch design team.   

We received the wonderful opportunity to fulfill a dream, and maintain a legacy left behind by the great automotive mind that was Harold Armenius Miller. 

Our upcoming website is currently under development at https// visit there in the upcoming months for more Harry A. Miller, LLC related content.


Miller-Burden V16 Build Progress
(Updated June, 2021)

The Miller-Burden V16 Passenger Car

  Harry A. Miller, LLC  

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