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Along with restorations and maintenance work, we provide brand-new, American made, high-speed replacement ring and pinions for classic cars. Call us at (248)797-8781 for pricing and lead time estimates.


ORF (Old Retired Fart) Manufacturing began as a side project for the late Phil Bray, a close friend of ours and a wonderful advocate for the antique collector car community. As a tribute to Phil, we are continuing business for replacement of ring and pinions out of appreciation and admiration for Phil and his passion for antique and classic automobiles.


We offer installation services for our Ring & Pinion sets for those able to transport their collector classics to our shop location in Troy MI. Trust your installation to the team with over 40 years of experience in Concours D'Elegance quality restorations. 

We offer Ring & Pinions for the most popular following vehicle models of the following makes:

  • Packard

  • Cadillac

  • Auburn

  • Pierce Arrow

  • Lincoln

Call us for availabilities and pricing at (248)797-8781

Don't see your make above in our listing? Call to inquire about a correct special-order Ring & Pinion replacement. 

Mission Statement

Installation by Restoration Experts

Available Sets by Make

Classic Automobile Ring & Pinions

With high-speed ring and pinion ratios, comes increased drivability for your antique automobile. Cruising speeds of 60-70mph are much more attainable for your want-to-be cross-country road warrior. This improved drivability will not only enhance your enjoyment with your vehicle, but it will also give you the confidence to enjoy your piece of automotive history more regularly.

Everyone loves to put as many miles on their dream machines as they can, but not at the extensive cost of wear and tear on your numbers matching drivetrain. With improved high-speed gear ratios in your rear end, turning fewer engine revolutions mean less taxation on your engine and it's internals. In order to maintain the longevity of your antique automobile, diligence for reducing stress on the drivetrain and it's associated components can ensure a healthy lifespan of your antique powerplant. 

At cruising speeds on the highway, your antique engine will turn fewer revolutions with High-Speed Ring & Pinions. With this reduction of RPM on your engine, your fuel consumption can decrease anywhere from 10-20%. 

Vintage Gas Station.jpg

Improved Drivability

High-Speed Ring & Pinions and their Benefits

Increased Fuel Economy

Improved Lifespan

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